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Hi there, I’m Jonathan – and norrkreativ is my portfolio.

Freelancer from Northern Sweden

About me 👋

Jonathan Rautio

Swedish, English, and Spanish

My background spans digital marketing and web development. I hold a post-secondary education in IT programming and a higher vocational education diploma as a web developer specializing in e-commerce, which provides me with a solid foundation for web projects. As a person, I am creative and always eager to test and learn more.

Why ”norrkreativ”?

The name “norrkreativ” combines “norr” (North, representing my origins) and “kreativ” (creative), highlighting my passion for creative web solutions. When I’m not in front of screens, you can find me in northern Sweden’s nature, preferably on cross-country skis or in a sea kayak.


Jonathan Rautio

Swedish, English, and Spanish

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My experience

+7 years of experience in digital marketing.

I have over seven years of experience in digital marketing and communication through digital channels, with a particular focus on the travel industry and renewable energy. Over the years, I have worked with social media, newsletters, automation, SEO, and inbound marketing.

I manage several websites.

I manage several websites, ranging from affiliate to B2B initiatives. One example is, where we use content and SEO to create value and drive organic traffic. Another new project is, which targets environmentally conscious companies.

CMS and administration.

I have extensive experience in content management and development with WordPress as a CMS, and I have also built e-commerce solutions with WooCommerce. In recent years, I have spent a lot of time with CMS like Sanity, Ghost, and Umbraco.

Frontend development.

In terms of frontend development, I have extensive experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some PHP. I have used frameworks, libraries, and technologies such as Bootstrap, Sass, Tailwind, Next.js, React, and jQuery. I am also particularly interested in web design and accessibility.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to see my CV or references, for instance, from previous extensive consulting work.

Jonathan lead our content and SEO strategy in Scandinavia. The combination of great copywriting and very strong SEO skills made our websites consolidate it’s strategic rankings, gain visibility, and generate revenue through organic search.

Miruna Hilcu

Global Head of SEO @ Otovo ☀️

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